Public administration consulting

Studio Valla offers consulting services for local and central public administrations in 4 areas.

A) Extraordinary and ordinary finance in the fields of environment, infrastructure, energy, education, territorial development, culture and tourism.

Ordinary Finance:

  • Feasibility studies to obtain mortgages and leasing from financial institutions in order to fund infrastructural and industrial projects.

Extraordinary finance:

  • Structural funds managed by regional and national administrations;
  • European funds managed by the European Commission.

B) Preliminary Assessment
Studio Valla conducted preliminary assessments for funding requests submitted based on measures adopted according to POR Lazio and others funding regulations of Regione Lazio together with Sviluppo Lazio S.p.A. (today, LazioInnova S.p.A.).

On behalf of Sviluppo Lazio Studio Valla has conducted more than 170 assessments, such as:

1) technical assistance within the EU Global Subsidy “Napoli Centro” on behalf of the municipality of Naples for urban interventions in the city centre;

2) economic and financial management supervision for subsidiaries of Regione Lazio , in accordance with the Law n.2/85 (advisory service carried out on behalf of Filas SpA – Today LazioInnova);

3) financial reporting of vocational training projects funded by European Social Fund on behalf of Lazio Innovazione Tecnologica Spa (LAit Spa);

4) preliminary assessment of the Call P.L.U.S. for the City of Rome.

C) Consulting for the preparation of legislation and tender specifications
Studio Valla provides expertise in the field of subsidised funding as well as its in-depth knowledge of European and national legislation in order to draw up regulations and Call specifications for Public Administrations.

In this sector, our firm has received prestigious professional assignments in the elaboration of the following legal provisions:

  • Law by Regione Lazio 23 del 1986 – Filas SpA;
  • Law by Regione Lazio 36 del 2001 – Sviluppo Lazio SpA;
  • POR Lazio 2007-2013 – Filas SpA.

D) Professional Partnerships with Central and Local Administrations
Valerio Valla has collaborated with the Ministry of Economic Development carrying out several major assignments:

  • Core Member of the Public Investment Evaluation (2008-2009)
  • Component of the committee of experts in evaluation of the projects submitted under of the Call on the Industrial Innovation Project – Industry 2015 “New Technologies for Made in Italy” (2009-2012)
  • Member of the Technical-Scientific Committee Monisud NOP SIL 2015 (2010-2011)
  • Member of the Technical-Scientific Committee Moninord 2017 (2011)

Studio Valla has also provided advice to a number of local authorities including:

  • Municipality of Fiuggi (Frosinone)
  • Municipality of Trivigliano (Frosinone)
  • Municipality of Rome