Structural funds


Studio Valla is highly specialized in consulting activities aimed at supporting and helping national and reginal companies as well as European ones in accessing available financial aid and funding in compliance with existing regulations.
The overall EU budget for the funding period 2014 -2020 amount to a total of approximately 1082 billion Euros (roughly over 1,00% of the EU gross income), 32,5% of which (around 351,8 billion euros) will be allocated to the Cohesion Policy: such resources will serve to stimulate economic, social and territorial growth, helping the development of poor and less-developed regions.
With a budget of almost 74 billion (counting also national contributions), Italy is the biggest Beneficiary – second only to Poland – of the Cohesion policy funding, which is implemented in our Country through the financing of 75 operational programs.
European operational funding for the period 2014 – 2020 offers many funding opportunities in sectors such as Innovation and research, culture, audio-visual and environment.
Studio Valla’s services are designed to assist and support clients in all the many different phases of project development:

  1. Evaluation of project’s ideas, through the analysis of the economic, financial and legal profile;
  2. Monitoring and selection of funding opportunities;
  3. Preparation of a Financial Dossier, complete of Business Plan and all documentation needed to submit the request to the funding entities. Together with the clients, we try to identify the best solution for the project to ensure an effective implementation of the Project Idea in compliance with all existing regulations and in accordance the experience developed by our team of advisors;
  4. Technical assistance in financial reporting of expenses sustained during the implementation phase of the project funded and assessment of the constraints to be respected after the realisation of the project.

Those services follow a standard procedure made of the following steps:

  • Feasibility study of the different funding opportunities;
  • Identification of the right financial tool for each specific project;
  • Preparation of the funding request and of an Information Memorandum relating to the verification of the eligibility criteria;
  • Assistance during submission and the signing stage of the grant agreement;
  • Assistance during the allocation of the funding, financial reporting and implementation;
  • Assistance in monitoring the investments made after the realization of the project.

In the fields of subsidised loans, structural funds and direct funding, Studio Valla has maturated a strong expertise in the following macro areas:

  • Industrial and Basic Research
  • Product and Process Innovation
  • Technology development and transfer
  • Investment and company creation
  • Aid to Education



During the past few years, Studio Valla has specialized in providing assistance to enterprises in obtaining funding to support industrial research project and technological innovation.

In particular, our specific competences include:

  • NOP Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013 and 2014-2020;
  • NOP Legality 2007-2013 e 2014-2020;
  • NOP Transports 2007-2013 e 2014-2020;
  • Regional Programs POR F.E.R.S. 2007-2013 e 2014-2020
  • DMIUR n. 593 of August 8th 2000, percentage modality to grant all the facilitation provided from the law n. 297 of July 27th 1999;
  • National Research Plan MIUR – Ministry of Education, Universities and Research;
  • Law n# 488 of 1992 to support production activities in less developed areas;
  • Fund for technological innovation, Law n. 46/82 – D.M. July 7th 2009;
  • Industry 2015: project for industrial innovation for Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Mobility and “Made in Italy”;
  • Sustainable Growth Fund, law of 22 June 2012, n. 83 – urgent measures for the Country’s growth.



Studio Valla has developed a lot of experience in support of the industrialisation and enterprise creation.

In particular, our specific competences include:

  • Industrial development;
  • Tourism development;
  • Environmental protection.

The existing tools for supporting industrial development are:

  • Development contracts 9/12/2014 supporting big investment in the industrial, tourism and environment protection sectors. Minimum investment 20 billion euros;
  • Investment project in problematic areas (law 181/89 including aid for enterprises of any size that wish to realize business project in disadvantaged areas);
  • • Self-entrepreneurship (Law 185/00) to launch self-employed activities.



Studio Valla has developed skills in the education field through the analysis of financial opportunities arising from education and vocational training policies, labour policies, knowledge-based local development and social inclusion policies.

In particular, our specific competences include:

  • Operative programs of the European Social Fund (OP ESF);
  • Anti-crisis Measures ESF;
  • Inter-professional funds for continuing education.